Tawa Community Light PartyTM

Light Party 2017!

This year's Light Party is getting ready to be another awesome night in Tawa. This year the Light Party will be from 6:00pm to approximately 8:00pm on Tuesday the 31st of October. Make sure you get there before 6:00pm though 'cos you don't want to be late for the free food, the free prizes, the fun games, face painting, bands and talent quest.

This year our theme is Super heroes ... Join in the fun and come along in costume as your favourite super hero or heroine! There'll be some real-life heroes with us too.

The Tawa Community Light Party is made possible by the efforts of volunteers from different churches in Tawa working together. They are also supported by many sponsors from around Tawa and the Greater Wellington area.

If you would like to help with this year's Light Party please get in touch as soon as possible, or if you just need more information about what the big deal is don't hesitate to contact us, we'd love to tell you more.

Major sponsors for 2017 LightParty include Wellington City Council

LightParty! LightParty! LightParty!